This is the quest line to obtain the Sage's Breeze mount. It can be started at lvl 85. A guild originally posted a guide on their website, but that was taken down, so here's a version of it.

Sorrowful GraveEdit

NPC - Nameless Grave

Task - Collect Stuffed Bunny Go to Vorah (Southern Shielynth bind)

Reward - Stack of 25 second cooldown time HP potions

Random quest - kill mobs Gratis Fortress Destroyer next to the NPC who gave the quest.

Never to be ForgottenEdit

NPC - Vorah

Task - Collect 6 Wild Fragrant Flower and take it to the Nameless Grave. They're found around that area.

Reward - Stack of 25 second cooldown time MP potions.

Random Quest - Kill Malefic Succubus around Nameless Grave.

In Search of Sweet MemoriesEdit

NPC - Vorah

Task - Collect Pendant with Sweet Memories Random Quest by killing Zombie Warrios in the Gratt Underground Waterway. Just walk through the glowing blue portal next to Arniel or through Hazy Ravine.

Reward - Talisman +30 Melee / +30 Ranged / +30 Magic


NPC - Vorah

Task - Kill 60 Zombie Mercenary in the Gratt Underground Waterway

Reward - Talisman +30 Pdef / +30 Mdef

Unknown ManEdit

NPC - Vorah

Task - Speak to Sen. He's at Hazy Ravine in the corner away from Kallistia.

Reward - 30k crone pouch.

Wish I Can GoEdit

NPC - Sen

Task - Collect 16 Herbs for Wounds. These are random drops from Orc Trainees. Turn right at the first hill and you'll find some at the next hill beyond the intersection. Take a ranger, since mobs are spread out. (Take a ranger for the entire quest if you need).

Reward - Split Weapon

Adventurous ZyhoEdit

NPC - Sen

Task - Defeat Orc Red Flag. Not random quests, but rangers are recommended. On this map all the mobs are far away from each other, except where there are magic mobs, and it's easy to die.

Reward - Choice of Elite Weapon Fragment Split

Search Zyhos Trace 1stEdit

NPC - Sen

Task - Collect Odd Shaped Key, collect Zyho's Note, find Javuree.

This is a mob (looks like a toric from r5) in Kallista map D2. Kill it and you get a key which can open a crate. The box can be found in the grass. It's the size of a gold box, but the color's a bit camouflaged, so I went to him twice. Go back to Sen, and then to Nicole. She's in Vestige of Blessing, I1.

In Need of MagicEdit

NPC - Nicole

Task - Collect Small Fragment of Ohn. From mobs name Vedova and just Vedova.

Reward - Split armor set

Kill'em AllEdit

NPC - Nicole

Task - Kill Charm Kanshee, Kill Seductive Kanshee. These mobs can be found right next to Nicole.

Reward - Elite Split Armor Set

Search Zyho Trace's 2ndEdit

NPC - Nicole

Task - Collect Zyho's Worn Buckle Reward - 50k crone

This is a really retarded random Vedova quest, takes forever, and it's hard. Barrett is a small speck in I3, hiding behind a rock.

Prove Your WorthEdit

NPC - Barrett

Task - Defeat 60 Ghost of Fog

Reward - Alloy Enchanted Weapon

Just Get ItEdit

NPC - Barrett

Task - Collect Clean Rock Fragment. Ranger recommended because they are far apart. Mobs called Beniof, you need 6 random drops.

Reward Choice - Broken Fragment Serpent Random quest.

Search for Zyho Trace's 3rd QuestEdit

NPC - Barrett

Task - Collect Key for Lupus(open the box of lupo, kill the boss) Leite Collect Zyho's Supply Bag. Ghost of Fog are also random drops but don't hit hard. Bunny to Sen, since Derrick will be in that area. J6 Wind Rhythm

Reward - 50k crone

Failing To RepayEdit

NPC - Derrick

Task - Kill 70 Wind Blown Rock

Reward - Enchanted Armor Set

Return With ValuablesEdit

NPC - Derrick

Task - Collect for Key for Ancient Chest, Gather Glittering Ancient Relic. Kill Ghost of Darkness. There are three chests in a row, only one works. So if you don't get it the first try, keep killing for another key.

Reward - Broken Split Set armor Random quest.

Search for Zyho 4th TraceEdit

NPC - Derrick

Task - Collect Zyho's Trap, Kill Careloff, and it's pretty fast. Then go to Sen and the March Hannan region of the yellow dot beside the tree Zyho.

Tame your HungerEdit

NPC - Zyho

Task - Collect of Clear Water Jug, Collect Chewy Meat. Kill Orc Shaman for Clear Water Jug; Kill Red, Green, Grey-Eyed Salamander for Chewy Meat.

Reward - Nicole's Ring / Barrett's Ring / Derrick's Ring

Nice WorkEdit

NPC - Zyho Exercise - Get Zyho for Sean's Item

Reward - Sage's Breeze (Final Mantis Mount mobility +50% crit resistant dungeon / safe zone mount -> it can travel everywhere)