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Warrior Skill Set:

1. Frozen: Basic skill for Melee/Ranged DPS classes
2. Darkness: Basic skill for Melee/Ranged DPS classes
3. Divinity: Basic skill for Melee/Ranged DPS classes
4. Taunt: Forces the target monster to attack the caster
5. Blood Adrenaline: HP reduction, Melee attack increase, added potion efficiency
6. Battle Chant: Boost in HP 
7. Bereave: Damage skill, requires dual swords
8. Reap: Damage skill, requires polearms
9. Find Hole: Increases accuracy
10. Rage: Additional damage based on STR & DEX when you deal a critical damage
11. Crush: Opens locked chest regardless of keys
12. Power Surge: A linear damaging skill
13. Life Force: Chance to heal when damage
14. Rampage: Damage skill based on characters DEX
15. Shoulder Charge: Close in and Stun skill
16. Brute Force: Increases your critical hit chance
17. Kidney Strike: Damage every 3 seconds, duration increases per skill level 18. Giant Shift: AOE Damage and debuff applied to every target hit

1. Polearm Mastery: Increases Polearm critical damage
2. Criminal Mind: Increases damage by Murder count
3. Snare Axe: Reduces enemies mobility
4. Berserk: Increases Mobility and Attack speed, reduces DEF and Attack.
5. Fortunate: Removes stun and movement impairing effects
6. Rooting Axe: Roots the target in place
7. Sweep: AOE Damage skill
8. Vigilance: Increases Dexterity and Strength
9. Precision: Damage is increased dependent on users dexterity
10. Jolt: Reduces enemy attack power.
11. Wild Blood: Removes random debuffs on yourself
12. Low Blow: Disables enemy’s player skill
13. Cleave: Bonus damage if target is affected by Jolt.
14. Call to Battle: Increases party’s attack power.
15. Premium Strike: Requires Rare, Unique, or Ancient quality Polearm.
16. Magnitude Swing: Damage depends on casters dexterity.
17. Retaliate: Chance to stun enemies when they attack, works only when user is
attacked with ranged attacks 18. Ice Willy Willy: AOE damage skill and stun to opponents.

Savage Skill Set:

1. Dual Sword Mastery: Increases basic weapon damage, requires dual swords.
2. Taunt Challenge: Forces every nearby monster to attack caster
3. Rampaging Force: Chance to make normal attacks swing with splash damage,
4. Ferocious: Reduces damage received from critical attacks,
5. Fortunate: Removes stun and movement impairing effects,
6. Monster Mind: Increases damage based on Mkill,
7. Extraction: Chance to get a random body part (Heart, Brain, Gut)
8. Brutality: Increases Strength and Vitality
9. Gail’s Shock: Reduces accuracy of enemies around the totem
10. Lunge: Reduces enemies movespeed for a duration if you have Guts item.
11. Gail’s Wash: Removes 1 debuff every 3 seconds
12. Desperate Assault: AOE stun
13. Ruthless: Reduces enemy DEF by set amount if you have the Heart item.
14. Gail’s Bless: Heals party members around the totem
15. Barbaric Cry: Disable enemies regular attack
16. Storming Cross: Extra 500 Damage with Brain Item
17. Gail’s Cry: Increased attack speed for party members

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