Giant Race SummaryEdit


The Giants were introduced in the Rohan universe back in 2008. Edit

From levels 2 - 49 you'll gain 4 AAP (Additional Attribute Points) per level up that can be used to increase your characters different stats, at levels 51 - 70 you'll gain 6 AAP per level, at levels 71-100 you'll gain 8 AAP per level and at levels 101-115+50 you'll gain 10 AAP per level.

Giants' main stats are:

  • Strength : Increases Melee Attack, Physical Defend, Weight.
  • Vitality: Increases max HP, HP Recovery, Physical defense, Weight.
  • Dexterity: Increases Accuracy. Also determines damage of some Attack Skills / Added damage from critical hits.

Giant GearsEdit

The Giant class can use an great variety of weapons. They can equip a Sword, Dagger, or Mace or Axe as their weapon, however they gain advantage of using Dual Swords or Polearm. Infact it's the only race that has 2 types of race-locked weapon.

The unique playstyle determines what weapon you might prefer:

  • The mighty crushing Polearm - it gives greater damage, but hits rather slowly. Has devastating critical hits and it's quite sufficient with the PvP oriented Berserker Class.
  • The hack & slash Dual Swords - they have better DPS and array of AOE. In later (meaning 50+) levels are used to extract monster's guts and use them for a variety of Savage Class skills which are great in parties.

Giant SkillsEdit

The race has some unique skills and use a wide set of objects such as throwing axes, totems and even organs of the enemies they battle (except other players of course). They also have a skill thatgives them a chance to open chests without consumption of a key.


The armor sets (usually the shoulder guards) that giants use appear to have animal themes or/and include skulls on their artwork.

Benezar - Skull Themed

Elemental - Eagle Themed

Noyde - Wolf Themed


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