Status Points Edit

Each 1 point of a stat gives the character 1 or 2 properties from that stat point.

Accuracy vs Evasion rate Edit

Each point in Evasion counters 1 point in Accuracy. After 300 of accuracy(300 Dex?) you have a 100% chance to hit your target doesn't matter if it has more evasion than you. The more accuracy you have at lower levels the better, at higher levels this effect don't apply. Inflated and Pure effects don't apply on this rates.

Evasion rates only apply to PvE(Monsters and Bosses). So the more Evasion you have the better you will dodge monsters attacking you.

This only applies on Physical(Melee or Ranged) attacks(Normal and Skill attacks).

Pure vs Inflated effects Edit

Each attack and defense point is differentiated between pure and inflated effects.

Pure attack comes from base weapon damage, accessories/costumes and some buffs.

Pure defense comes from base armor defense, accessories/costumes and some buffs.

Inflated attack and defense comes from any percentage boosting skill, buff or effect that increases said status. Green Defense status points on armors give inflated defense points. Percentage boosting modifiers boost inflated attack or defense depending what it is boosting.

  • 1 Pure Attack point breaks 3 Pure defense and inflated points.
  • 3 Inflated attack points breaks 1 Pure defense and 3 inflated points.

Absorption Formula Edit

Health and Mana absorption effects have a very weird looking effect when you don't know how it actually works in the system chat. this can be seen as a bug or simply a custom formula for the game. This is why a lot of classes have very little struggle when brawling with a thousand monsters and still walk away unscratched while killing them.

Formula is as follows:

Targets Hit{Targets Hit[Damage Dealt(% leeched)]} = Total Health absorbed, this is Divided in [Targets Hit] lines in the system chat. It will show the total absorbed if you add all those lines that where divided in the system chat.

  • Targets hit = number of monsters or characters hit(Specifically having AoE buffs or skills)
  • Damage Dealt: Damage done to the target.
  •  % leeched: Health or Mana leeching modifier percentage on the weapon or buff/aura.

Attack Speed Formula Edit

Attack speed is calculated differently of what would be normal for everyone, 50% attack speed would be exactly half of said base attack speed for everyone but percent is calculated not as a percent but as points.

All attack speeds stack one over the other without any having particular priority over the other.

Formula is as follows:

(100 * Attack Speed)/(Rate + 100)

  • Attack Speed = Attack Speed specified by your equipped weapon, base Attack Speed.
  • Rate = The sum of all attack speed modifiers as points. 50% = 50 points not 0.50.

Skill Defense Edit

Modifier obtainable only with the Heroic Set that drops opponents skill damage received.

  • Heroic Armor has a maximum of 3x% SD.
  • Heroic Leggings has a maximum of 3x% SD.
  • Heroic Shield has a maximum of 9% SD.

PvP Defense Edit

Heroic Aura effect that drops total damage received from opponent by a percent.

  • Heroic Aura drops maximum of 25% PvP damage(Normal and Skill damage) received.

Option Stone status effects Edit

Each option stone be weapon or armor have a special modifier that can be added to said weapon or armor while forging or enhancing.

  • Armor Defense: boosts total defense(Physical and Magical defense) Pure and Inflated defense inflating(Inflated defense) your defense even more also lowers incoming Elemental damage received.
  • Futile attack: dodges Physical or Magical damage
  • Block rate: blocks incoming Physical(Melee or Ranged) damage. Stacks with Shields Block rate.
  • Reflect percentage or points: deals said points or percentage of damage received as damage to opponent. Cant be blocked, Dodged(Futile), resisted or reflected back.
  • Elemental attack: Boosts total elemental(Poison, Blazing, Divinity, Frozen, Darkness) damage dealt.
  • Heal Magic rate: Boosts recovery rate from healing skills.
  • No use arrows rate: Percentage chance to not use arrows while attacking with a ranged weapon(Bow or Crossbow).
  • Damage Drop: Drops total damage received. Elemental, Tick(DoT) and some attack skills(Defense ignoring skills) ignores this effect.
  • Crit rate: Chance to deal a successful critical hit rate that stacks with other critical rate effects(Buffs and Auras).
  • Mana Efficiency: Drops a percentage of Mana required for Skills and Auras.
  • Potion Efficiency: Boosts potion healing effects on user by a percentage.
  • Weapon Attack: Boosts base weapon damage applying pure attack from said weapon. Stacks with other attack boosting effects from Skills and Buffs.
  • Health absorption: Recovers health based on the damage you deal to your opponent.
  • Mana absorption: Recovers mana based on the damage you deal to your opponents.
  • Mobility percentage: Boosts your base mobility by a percentage. Stacks with other mobility items and effects.
  • Attack Speed percentage: Boosts your base attack speed by a percentage. Stacks with other mobility items and effects.
  • 20% Health recovery points: While being attacked you have a 20% chance to gain health points. Health points stacks per armor piece with said effect. Percentage chance doesn't stack.
  • 20% Mana recovery points: While being attacked you have a 20% chance to gain mana points. Mana points stacks per armor piece with said effect. Percentage chance doesn't stack.
  • Critical Damage Drop: Drops critical damage received points. Elemental, and some attack skills(Defense ignoring skills) ignores this effect.
  • Stun Resistance: Chance to resist stun effects.
  • Minimum Damage Drop: Drops Minimum Damage received. Minimum Damage is the amount of damage received by monsters when it doesn't matter how much defense you have it still deals 100's + some elemental damage to your character. This Minimum damage received varies per level. 30s at lower levels 70-80s at mid levels and 100s+ at higher levels. PvE primarily option. Stacks well with Armor defense and Critical Damage Drop gear in a character while grinding/PvE. Completely useless in PvP.