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Forging Armors Edit

To achieve the higher classes of armor, forging two armor sets of the class beneath the current class are required.

For example: Two Normal Armors forge to create one Rare Armor Piece, Two Rare Armor Pieces forge to create one Unique Armor Piece.

Ancient Armors do not follow the rule.

To forge an Ancient armor, you need a Unique Armor Piece and an Option Item.

NOTE: Each races Physical and Magical base defense per Armor set differs from each others.

NOTE: Darkness Onyx and the Heroic Combine Armors have set effects. That means that you need a certain amount number of said pieces equipped to gain a special set effect.

Forging Tree Edit

The following table illustrates the sets of armor that must be forged to achieve this current armor. To forge this current item you must forge the item(s) in the sets starting to the left if the table to create the item in the next column to the right. You must continue the chain until you arrive at this current item set.

Regular Rare Unique Ancient
Leather Set Benezar Set Froianne Set Enchanted Froian Set
Hard Leather Set
Elven Set Noyde Set
Elemental Set
Destruction Set Graham Set Pluion Set Enchanted Pluion Set
Darkness Set
Red Dragon Set Natu Set
Rhodium Set
Tormaline Set Kish Set Edwin Set Enchanted Edwin Set
Black Dragon Set
Blood Alliance Set Kael Set
Appentium Set
Platinum Set Lorenzo Armor Set Bedron Set Enchanted Bedron Set
Blue Dragon Set
Truth Set Trian Armor Set
Heros Set
Combine Set Prime Combine Set Mighty Combine Set Heroic Combine Set
Prime Combine Fragments
Pride Fragments Mighty Combine Fragments
Broken Combine Fragments
Split Set Elite Split Set Serpent Split Set Glacial Split Set
Elite Split Fragments
Enchanted Fragments Serpent Split Fragments
Broken Fragments
Broken Pieces Onyx Pieces Sealed Onyx Pieces Darkness Onyx Set
Cracked Pieces
Unknown Pieces Cursed Pieces
Cursed Pieces
Normal Leather· Hard Leather· Elven· Elemental· Destruction· Darkness· Red Dragon· Rhodium·Tormaline Armor· Black Dragon· Blood Alliance·Appentium· Platinum· Truth· Heroes
Rare Benezar·Noyde·Graham·Natu·Kish·Kael·Lorenzo·Trian
Unique Froianne· Pluion·Edwin·Bedron
Enchanted Echanted Froianne· Enchanted Pluion·Enchanted Edwin·Enchanted Bedron

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