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Capital Vena
Classes Healer, Priest, Templar
Skill Trees Healer, Priest, Templar
Mounts Unicorn

Elf Race Summary Edit


These gentle-souled elves are proficient at healing others in their party. But don't be fooled, they also pack a wicked wallop in the form of magical attacks.

White Mage - Every Elf starts as a healer with minor magic attack skills and basic healing skills.

Priest - Specializing in healing and protection using a range of powerful magic spells. They assist in party members' recovery, defense also vitality.

Templar - Quite the aggressor, they are capable of both magical and physical attacks. But their healing powers are keen as well.

Elf-Healer Base Stats Edit


Elf's main status are:

  • Psyche: Increase Mana points, Magic defense and Overall Resistance also Healing skill effects main status.
  • Intelligence: Increase Magic Attacks, Magic defense, Magic Resistance also Healing skill effects secondary status.
  • Vitality: Which increase Health points, Health Recovery, Physical defense, Weight.

Gear Edit

Elves can choose from using a wand and shield, or a two handed staff. All other weapons with an "E" can also be used.

Credits Edit

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