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These killing machines are serpentine in their deadlines. Because of their bias for butchery, they are the most feared, and despised, class in Rohan. Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather then completing quests or grinding if they choose.

Assassin - First role of the Dhan race acquiring invisibility, disabling opponents skills, confusion skill and poison elemental damage. In this first tree you desire if you want to go Strength or Agility as your main stat build and skill wise build. Hybrid builds are rare or hard to play only experienced players can take advantage of the skills required for said build.

Avenger - Fast tactical killer with both control skills and weakening skills this agile killers will leave you speechless with their fast attacks. Main PvP job of the Dhans.

Predator - The quickest of the Dhans, they deal blows so swiftly that anyone within striking distance may not even be able to take a single swing before death. Predators specialize in the use of traps and disorienting skills great support hunting class with its physical defense drop trap and healing trap. PvE job of the Dhans but can be used as PvP role if you are a fast killer.

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