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Description Edit

This a solo quest to change job from a Knight to a Defender.

NPCs Involved Edit

  1. Istvan Baileys (B7 Einhoren), Del Lagos Captain of Paladins
  2. Humphrey (I8 Einhoren), The Souvenir Collector

Istvan Baileys, Del Lagos Captain of Paladins

The Quest Edit

  • Meet Istvan Baileys (B7 Einhoren), Del Lagos Captain of Paladins, in the hall west of Einhoren town. You won't miss the hall if you just go straight from the main entrance of Einhoren.
Click on Istvan, choose the quest named Defender Path (solo) and he will give you an Amulet of Temples (placed directly into your inventory of course).
  • Go straight to the Spectre Room in Ahkma Cave (in Wild Highlands). Don't concern yourself with the kids who want to try out their new found ability to PvP (because they have just turned Level 30) at the entrance to Ahkma.
From the entrance portal, go straight, turn right (Warrior Ursa), turn left (Elder Ursa) and go straight until you reached Souls room ( Blood, Might, and Dark Soul.
Continue straight and go down the sloping floor into Serpenter rooms (there are two serpenter rooms connected by two hallways. The spectre room is east of Ahkma Cave, after the serpenter room.
You will find an Aged Wooden Crate south-east of spectre room. Open it an you will lose the Amulet of Temples with the journal completed signs saying 'Secret Journal Complete'. You will now have a Secret Journal in your inventory.
  • Return your quest to Istvan and he will give you a new quest called 'Locked Secret Journal' and asks you to meet Humphrey (I8 Einhoren), The Souvenir Collector.
  • Return the quest to Humphrey and he will give you a new quest to go to Mossy Statue and get a treasure (Pendant of Edwin) from the statue. The statue is located at D0 (or D9+ if u like, :-)), the bottom part of Dharvegawan.
Fondle the statue and you will get the pendant. Then sit back, get your girl friend to smoke some pipes and enjoy the scenery.
Teleport to Einhoren and give the pendant to Humphrey and he will give you the Master Key.
  • From there, hop (skip or run) to Istvan and he will give you a Nhelas Hideout Notes and quest to kill some Nhelas and Mandrake. Go to a spot west of reference J9 of Liom. To get there, port to Limestone Foothill (Varvylon map) and ride to the east and north (turn left) at the turn after the bridge.
The wall is up the slope behind the old battering ram. Go up the slope and then down to a wooden wall at J9. Do not waste time to find cracks in the wall as mentioned in the Notes, just go to your right (left of the wall),move forward and you will find the Nhelas and Mandrakes.
You are a big boy/gal now, so just rush to the Nhelas and kill it, letting the Mandrake to just tickles and massage u.
After the Nhelas was killed, wipe out the Mandrake for an hour, 24 hours, 36 hours or for the whole year if u like, move away from them and port to Einhoren and go and meet Istvan.
  • Return the quest to Istvan.

Miscellaneous Information Edit

This is an exclusively solo quest. Make sure you do this quest SOLO, if you are in a party, please withdraw before you do the works in the quest and join again when you are moving.

Screenshots Edit

Location of Mossy Statue.

Mossy location

Location of Mossy Statue

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