These are the dark elf solo quests.

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Story of Past Love (10)Edit

Starting NPC: Arnor (Montt)

  • 1) Talk to Kaltran Mauzelle (Inside Montt Royal Palace)
  • 2) Talk to Beslodio (Inside Montt Royal Palace)
  • 3) Talk to Arnor again to complete.

Reward: Choice of Boreal Wand or Cross Cane.

The Uncovered Truth (20)Edit

Start NPC: Arnor (Montt)

  • 1) Collect Teeth of an Forlorn Knight from the Forlorn Cavalry. These can be found on the road north of Montt, heading towards the Senate Hall.
  • 2) Collect Weapons of Forlorn Cavalry (from the same monsters)
  • 3) Talk to Arnor (Montt) and Beslodio (Montt Royal Palace) to complete the quest

Rewards: A set of elemental armour.

Molten Stone Slab (25)Edit

Starting NPC: Beslodio (inside Montt Royal Palace)

  • 1) Talk to Goteshark. (This NPC is not found on the map. He is located just west of the Temple of Flox bindstone)
  • 2) Collect 10 Molten Stone Slabs. These are found on Armoured Union Worms, and Venomous Union Worms. Note that each piece of Molten Stone Slab will take up 1 slot in your inventory (reference [[1]].
  • 3) Talk to Goteshark again.

Reward: Choice of 5x Lesser Healing Remedy, or 5x Lesser Mana Remedy.

Flames of Desire (30)Edit

Starting NPC: Goteshark (This NPC is not visible on your minimap. He is located west of the Temple of Flox bindstone.) 1) Deliver Molten Stone Slab to Matilda Pelini (inside Montt Royal Palace)

  1. Talk to Latil (inside Montt Royal Palace)
  2. Talk to the Woman in an Ironmask. (inside Montt)
  3. Find the Mask Key. These can be found inside the 'Shadow of Penance', which are small grey statues located at Narkhant Mainport - see the screenshot below for locations. These statues blend into the background colour and are sometimes hard to find!
  4. Give the key to the Woman in an Ironmask.
  5. Deliver the necklace to Matilda.

Reward: Choice between Lunar Wand or Simple Great Staff.

Location of Shadow of Penance

Shadow of Penance

Location of the Shadow of Penance statues

Eternal Farewell (35)Edit

Starting NPC: Matilda Pelini

  1. Go to Goteshark.
  2. Go to Temple of Flox and collect 30 plants (that look like grass). Make sure you have 30 available slots in your inventory.
  3. Return to Goteshark, who will tell you to report to Lacriss

The Whereabouts of Pluion (40)Edit

Starting NPC: Lacriss (located inside Lauke Monastery, east of Vena. To reach him, you need to enter the monastery into the first antechamber, then walk through the blue glowing portal to your left.)

  1. Hunt Demon Hezwerd. This boss is located at the very end of the lauke Monastery maze. He is quite tough, you will need a good party of probably at least level 55 members to kill it - get your guild to help you!
  2. Report back to Lacriss
  3. Speak to Helena, located at the Ezker Island Bindstone. You can simply teleport there with a portal stone purchasable from Ehres Harbour.

Rewards: Skill Enhancement Stone. Definitely worth the trip!

Cause and Effect (50)Edit

Starting NPC: George Lyonan (inside Montt Royal Palace)

  1. Kill 2nd Chancellor Maera
  2. Kill 3rd Chancellor Sillian
  3. Report back to George Lyonan

The ChancellorsEdit

These two chancellors are located in the centre of the Senate Hall, north of Montt. They look like blue walking female fish carrying staves. Do not be fooled by their level, these two are extremely difficult to defeat! They are grouped together so even if you just attack one, both will turn aggressive to you. Remember you have to be solo (not in a party) for this kill to count. It is inadvisable to attempt to kill them by yourself until you are at least level 65 or so. You can try this earlier if you have friends to support you. A high level can attack the Chancellors until they are on low hp, and let you take the last hit. Or you can have a healer keep shielding/healing you while you attempt the kill.


A choice of one of the following rings. They each have [+15 stat, +200hp]. It is extremely important that you KEEP this ring for later quests

  • Faith of Edwin
  • Faith of Kish
  • Faith of Pluion
  • Faith of Ka'el
  • Faith of Trian
  • Faith of Rai .