• May, 3rd, 2008: Rohan: Blood Feud Wiki got accepted by Wikia.
  • May, 4th, 2008: Added Basic Informations, Races, Storyline, PC Requirements, Guild and Fishing sections.
  • May, 5th, 2008: Added Bestiary, Closed Beta Key Bind, Maps, NPC Locations, Interface, Mounts and PK and PVP sections.
  • May, 6th, 2008: Added Armor, Change-Logs and Credits, Rohan: Blood Feud mIRC Channel, Weapons, Medias, Fan-Arts sections. Logo was added also. Delete the skills in every Races and moved to new specific page for each races/jobs.
  • May, 7th, 2008: Official release of Rohan Wiki. Link will be posted on some forums and fan-sites. Thanks you all !
  • April 19, 2014: Added leveling guide, more information to boss drop list, moved solo quests to their own pages and added giant solo quests


  • HungVC - For breathing life into the original wiki and making it what it is today - this is his masterpiece. :O
  • Neoyoshi - The person who started it all, he was the original creator of the Rohan Wiki before the database migrated to a full wiki site.

  • - for the original informations compiling and images at some sections.
  • David - (aka Solarat) for his helps with editing at lots of sections.
  • Andrew - (aka Englishpie) for his help with editing at some sections.
  • Azure - for his help with the graphix such as logos, banners, skins...
  • YNK Interactive, Inc. - for making this awesome game.
  • RedRyder - no longer with YNK
  • Wikia - for allowing me to make this wiki.
  • And to all others who i forgot - A big thanks to you all !!!

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