Craftman Accesories

  • Craftman Spinel Bracers
  • Craftman Cat Eye Ring
  • Craftman Green Mano Ring
  • Craftman Aquamarine Bracers
  • Craftman Topaz Necklace

Grade E = +50 Hp, +50 MP, +5 Vitality

Grade D = +100 Hp, +100 MP, +10 Vitality

Grade C = +150 Hp, +150 MP, +15 Vitality

Grade B = +200 Hp, +200 MP, +20 Vitality

Grade A = +250 Hp, +250 MP, +25 Vitality

Materials needed to craft

Craftman I(Grade E)

Equipped at Lvl 10

Crystal(Grade E) x12

Gemstone Essence(Grade E) x5

Sapphire(Grade E) x2

Extraction Option Stone(Grade E) x5

Craftman II(Grade D)

Equipped at Lvl 30

Crystal(Grade D) x24

Gemstone Essence(Grade D) x5

Sapphire(Grade D) x3

Extraction Option Stone(Grade D) x5

Craftman III(Grade C)

Equipped at Lvl 50

Crystal(Grade C) x36

Gemstone Essence(Grade C) x5

Mineral Ingot(Grade C) x2

Sapphire(Grade C) x4

Extraction Option Stone(Grade C) x5

Craftman IV(Grade B)

Equipped at Lvl 70

Crystal(Grade B) x48

Gemstone Essence(Grade B) x5

Mineral Ingot(Grade B) x2

Sapphire(Grade B) x5

Extraction Option Stone(Grade B) x5

Craftman V(Grade A)

Equipped at Lvl 90

Crystal(Grade A) x60

Gemstone Essence(Grade A) x5

Mineral Ingot(Grade A) x2

Sapphire(Grade A) x5

Extraction Option Stone(Grade A) x5

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