Crafting SystemEdit

Here is a basic information on how the crafting system works.

Crafting & CollectionEdit

There are currently 4 crafting professions in Rohan: The Blood Feud. Each crafting correlates to a certain Supply Collection profession. A player can have only 1 Craft and 1 Collection job at a time, so consider the table for the easy craft skill development. (Otherwise you would have to buy all the supplies from retailers).

Crafting Collection
Armor Minerals
Weapons Minerals
Magic Tools Plants
Accessories Gems

Although this shows the main ingredient for creating an item, a rare collection supply is always needed too. Additional Ingredients may include Extraction Option Stones & Crystals (can be obtained from extracting Unique Items with the Extraction Pulverizer in Crafting Studio), Extraction Option Crystals (Can be obtained from extraction Weapon and Armor Option Stones), processed rare supply, etc, depending on the grade of the item itself.

Crafting of an item may take place only in the Crafting studio and the appropriate tool bench/anvil for the job. Armor and weapon crafting involve the risk of failure as well as success encourage bonuses (extra sockets for perfect quality item). For these the craftsman need to be supplied with a certain amount of craft support items (stones, sandpapers, etc - can be bought from NPC merchants at Crafting Studio). These items are crucial at a time of Unexpected Situation (at that time succession bar rapidly decreases and the item may fail to be created).

Artisan and Craftsman Edit

Most crafting jobs gives you fair variety of items to produce. This variety is increased greatly by the presence of Artisan Blueprints and items. Though the production of these is somewhat harder than average (their ingredient include a processed rare supply), the items have trait that make them at times better than average/rare and crafted items of the same level group.

Accessory Crafting Edit

This items can be equipped in the accessory slot of your character increasing your characters status points depending the items status. The Reinforcement Stones enhances your item boosting its base status points.Available through Accessory crafter.

Spirit Stone Crafting Edit

Spirit Stones are times option stones that can be added to Crafted Weapons and Armors. This Items can be very useful with Chimera, Tali/Ferkhan, Opaniel, Sage weapons and Armors.

Available though Magic tools maker.

Weapon and Armor Crafting Edit

Crafted Armors and Weapons have sockets that provide the ability to equip timed Spirit Stones. While crafting this Weapons depending on the grade you will be able to have none, 1, 2, 3 or 4 sockets. Only exception to this are the Chimera, Tali/Ferkhan, Opaniel, Sage Weapons that have 5 sockets as maximum(Perfect) quality. Armors only have 2 Sockets as maximum.

Available through Armor or Weapon crafter.

  • Artisan Weapons
  • Craftman Weapons
  • Artisan Armors
  • Craftman Armors
  • Sage Weapons
  • Sage Armor
  • Chimera
  • Tali/Ferkhan
  • Opaniel


Crafting various items involves registering a variety of blueprint. Crafting cannot take place unless you have the blueprint of the item you want to craft. Blueprints of the lowest grade (both Craft and Artisan) can be bought from NPC merchants in Crafting Studio. Artisan Blueprints of higher grades can only be obtain as a monster drop. All blueprints have skill requirements (Artisan has 1+ higher than the craftsman of the same grade).

Grade Skill LVL Supply
I 1 / 2 (A) E
II 6 / 7 (A) D
III 11 / 12 (A) C
IV 16 / 17 (A) B
V 21 / 22 (A) A

Craftsman EquipmentEdit

Crafting requires various equipment - hammer/staff, gloves, boots, helmet/goggles, shirt (depends on your Profession). These can be bought from Craftsman NPC shops - Crafting Studion, Black Dragon Sanctuary, Rahkon Dungeon 2 Portal Area,(these are all the only locations in game).