Crafting the basics

Written by Ferretus

In June 2009 the Crafting system was released in Rohan: Blood Feud. In simple terms this allows you to harvest raw materials and produce armour, weapons or accessories.

There are 3 Gathering skills and 4 Production skills.

The 3 gathering skills are Mineral collection (the mining of ores), Gem collection (the mining of gems) and plant collection (the harvesting of plants). Each of these lean towards specific production skills. Minerals are used in Weapon and Armour production, Gems are used in the crafting of accessories while Plants are used for

At higher levels there is some degree of crossover also.

Each character may select a sngle gathering skill and a single production skill. If you choose to switch your skill it will cost you 2 million crones and also reset your current crafting level back to 1.

Repeated use of the skill will give a potential "point" towards the next level, for example to go from Lvl 1 collecting to lvl 2 it requires 50 points.

At level 1 you may gather "grade E", at level 2 "Grade D" and so on. The mineral/gem/plant deposits themselves are scattered around the map and you require a specific gathering helmet equipped to spot them better. They appear as a yellow dot on your minimap and when detected also glitter on your screen. Better grade helmets improve the range of this detection and also certain areas tend to favour a specific deposit type.

Grade E Gathering and production equipment may be purchased in the Craft guild which is located via the fishing mini game NPC. By pushing C you can see on your character screen seperate sections for gathering and producing. This shows your current chosen profession, your current level and the progress towards your next level as well as the equipment that you have equipped. It should be noted that garthering and producing equipment is "bound" to your character, so once equipped it may not be resold or exchanged.

To produce items you also require blueprints. The lowest level blueprints are available in the crafting studio to purchase while others are dropped by mobs or available from the Rohan Store.

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