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General Info Edit

Armors in Rohan Online allow characters to improve their Physical and Magical Defense stats along with gaining additional stats. The higher the Physical and Magical Defense stats, the less damage monsters and players will deal. Enchanted Armors allow Armor to have additional effects. Some include damage reflection, health, minimum damage drop, and others.

All armor, except shields, are accessible to all races, but the look of the armor and the stats given vary by race. Different sets of armor differ by level. Additionally, there are 4 classes of armor - Normal Armor, Rare Armor, Unique Armor, and Enchanted Armor. Each type of armor is stronger than the previous, normal Armor being the lowest class, and Enchanted Armor being the highest class.

Forging Armors Edit

To achieve the higher classes of armor, forge two armor sets of the class beneath the current class.

For exampl, two Normal Armors forge to create one Rare Armor Piece, and two Rare Armor Pieces forge to create one Unique Armor Piece.

Enchanted Armors, however, do not follow this rule. To forge an Enchanted armor, you need a Unique Armor Piece and an Option Stone.

Visit the forging armors page for more details.

In addition, weekends on the Jin server have increased forging rates, while Ran server permanently has 3x forging and reinforcing rates.

  • Note: It is not 100% success, just increased rates.
  • Note: Physical and Magical defense column has been added below. These stats are meant to be a guideline for the best possible and most common maximum stats possible for that armor set. While it is possible to have an Appentium piece with +33 or even +34, or an Elemental piece with +11 on it does not mean this is a maximum. The stats are randomly generated upon creation and while these sometimes can be found, it does not mean that those are the max stats for that armor set because it is actually a 'mistake' at generation.

Armor Sets Edit

Armor Set Max + P/M Def Level Range
Leather Set +3 2-7
Hard Leather Set +4 9-14
Elven Set +8 16-21
Elemental Set +10 23-28
Destruction Set +17 30-35
Darkness Set +17 37-42
Red Dragon Set +23 44-49
Rhodium Set +25 51-56
Tormaline Set +30 58-63
Black Dragon Set +32 65-70
Blood Alliance Set +34 71-75
Appentium Set +35 76-80
Platinum Set +35 (+38 Shilynth Map) 81-85
Truth Set +36 (+38 Shilynth Map) 86-90
Blue Dragon Set +38 91-95
Heros Set +38 96-100
Split Set +42 100+
Elite Split Set +44 100+
Enchanted Split Set +46 100+
Broken Split Set +48 100+

Armor Set Max + P/M Def Level Range
Benezar Set +7 11-16
Noyde Set +18 25-30
Graham Set +34 39-44
Natu Set +48 53-58
Kish Set +62 67-72
Ka'el Set +69 78-82
Lorenzo Armor Set +70 88-92
Trian Armor Set +76 98-102
Serpent Split Rare #1 +86 100+
Serpent Split Rare #2 +94 100+

Armor Max + P/M Def Level Range
Froianne Set +25 28-33
Pluion Set +82 56-61
EdwinSet +131 81-85
Bedron Set +146 101-105
Serpent Split Set +180 100+

Armor Max + P/M Def Level Range
Enchanted Froianne Set +25 29-34
Enchanted Pluion Set +82 57-62
Enchanted Edwin Set +131 82-86
Enchanted Bedron Set +146 102-106
Glacial Set +175 100+

Shield Sets Edit

Normal Leather· Hard Leather· Elven· Elemental· Destruction· Darkness· Red Dragon· Rhodium·Tormaline Armor· Black Dragon· Blood Alliance·Appentium· Platinum· Truth· Heroes
Rare Benezar·Noyde·Graham·Natu·Kish·Kael·Lorenzo·Trian
Unique Froianne· Pluion·Edwin·Bedron
Enchanted Echanted Froianne· Enchanted Pluion·Enchanted Edwin·Enchanted Bedron

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