Each character can wear a maximum of 4 accessories. Any accessory can be worn in any slot, with some exceptions with "set" based accessories.

To see accessories that can only be obtained by killing bosses, please see the Boss Drops page.

To see accessories that can only be obtained by crafting, please see the Crafting page

Twin Sister Accessory Sets

  • Obtained from completing quests in the elemental dungeon.
  • Each character may only wear one set of each element. For example, you can wear an Earth set and a Wood set, but you cannot wear two Earth sets.
  • Both gems need to be obtained for the set effects to take place.
  • Unopened Twin Sister's Accessories may be traded and sold, but opened ones may not be.
  • There's a chance you can receive the same gem of a single element

Chimera Accessories 

  • 12 Accessories
  • 3 Sets :  Ranged, Magical and Melee.
  • Chimera's may be sold
  • May be enhanced

Magic Chimera Set

Magilc Chimera Brooch

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