Monsters that are not bosses or mini-bosses can drop many accesories. These Accesories can have stat requirements on them such as Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence which can be removed from a Status Refiner. They are:

Cats-Eye-Level 1 Monsters level 1-20 drop these . Sale Price: 100 to NPC's

Green Mano Level 21 Monsters level 21-40 drop these. Max Stats 15 Sale Price: 3,410 to NPC's.

Spinel Level 41 Monsters level 41-50 drop these. Max Stats: 19 Sale Price: 23,920 to NPC's.

Aquamarine level 51 Monsters level 51-60 drop these. Max Stats: 23 Sale Price: 45,625 to NPC's.

Imperial Topaz level 61 Monsters level 61-65 drop these. Max Stats: 25. Sale Price: 77,630 to NPC's.

Rose Quartz level 66 Monsters level 66-70 drop these. Max Stats: 27. Sale Price: 98,120 to NPC's.

Carnelian level 71 Monsters level 71-75 drop these. Max Stats:29 Sale Price: 121,935 to NPC's

Jadeite level 76 Monsters level 76-80 drop these. Max Stats: 31 Sale Price: 149,325 to NPC's

Opal level 81 Monsters level 81-85 drop these. Max Stats:32 Sale Price: 180,540 to NPC's

Emerald level 86 Monsters level 86-90 drop these. Max Stats: 33 Sale Price: 215,830 to NPC's

Pink Sapphire level 91 Monsters level 91-95 drop these. Max Stats: 36 Sale Price: 255,445 to NPC's

Blue Diamond level 96 Monsters level 96 and higher drop these Max Stats: 38 Sale Price: 299,635 to NPC's

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