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Quest InformationEdit

Starting NPC: George Lyonan (inside Montt Royal Castle)

  1. Kill 2nd Chancellor Maera
  2. Kill 3rd Chancellor Sillian
  3. Report back to George Lyonan

The ChancellorsEdit

These two chancellors are located in the centre of the Senate Hall, north of Montt. They look like blue walking female fish carrying staves. Do not be fooled by their level, these two are extremely difficult to defeat! They are grouped together so even if you just attack one, both will turn aggressive to you. Remember you have to be solo (not in a party) for this kill to count. It is inadvisable to attempt to kill them by yourself until you are at least level 65 or so. You can try this earlier if you have friends to support you. A high level can attack the Chancellors until they are on low hp, and let you take the last hit. Or you can have a healer keep shielding/healing you while you attempt the kill.


A choice of one of the following rings. They each have [+15 stat, +200hp]. It is extremely important that you KEEP this ring for later quests

  • Faith of Edwin
  • Faith of Kish
  • Faith of Pluion
  • Faith of Ka'el
  • Faith of Trian
  • Faith of Rai .

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